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Pond Pumps

How to Choose a Good Pond Pump


Pond pumps are necessary to keep an artificial pond clean, and safeguard the health of the organisms — plants, fish and other animals — that live in it. A pond pump supplies oxygenated water to the pond’s biological filter, where beneficial bacteria recycle waste.

A pump should be large and sturdy enough to handle the size of the pond. Most pond owners buy a submersible pump, or a pump that goes directly into the water. They’re generally not as powerful as external pumps, but external pumps require more installation, and will need to be hidden from view for reasons of esthetics. Some pond owners with a large koi pond might need to use the more powerful external pump.

The potential buyer should know the pump’s volume, or how much water it can circulate through the pond over an amount of time. This is called the circulating volume. A good flow rate is at least half the pond volume, though some owners might find this inadequate if they have a large pond with a waterfall. The buyer should also make sure that the pump is explicitly for outdoor use in a pond.

Three types of submersible garden pumps are those that can use a main power source of 110-240 volts, a low voltage pump that uses 12 to 24 volts, and solar powered pumps, which are tricky to use if it’s in an area that doesn’t get abundant sunlight. Solar powered pumps should always have a backup pump.

A pump shouldn’t be bought simply according to its cost. While the upfront cost may strike some buyers as pricey, a good and long lasting pond pump will pay for itself in the long run. The buyer has to remember that the pump must run round the clock. The pump should also come with a good warranty as well. A good warranty should last at least two years and stipulate that the pump will be replaced at no cost if it breaks down, or loaner will be provided if the old pump needs repair.

The buyer should thoroughly research pond pumps to find the best one for their pond. They should speak to experts, read literature on ponds and water gardening, and research the internet.

When buying a pump they shouldn’t be afraid to ask the retailer questions. They should even ask the retailer to demonstrate the pump to make sure it works properly.

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